The project «Intercultural Dialog-To Build the Future of EU Debating on


Eurosceptism» was funded with the support of the European Union under the

Programme "Europe for Citizens"

Applicable to the Strand 2 - Measure 2.1 "Town-Twinning"

Participation: The Town Twinning Project "Intercultural Dialog-To Build the Future of EU

Debating on Eurosceptism", promoted by Gminny Osrodek Kultury Olesnica (Poland), it

involved a total of 165 citizens from all over Europe: 16 participants from Hévízgyörk

Község Önkormányzata (Hungary), 33 participants from Svaz Madaru zijících v ceských

zemích - Cseh- és Morvaországi (Czech Republic), 6 participants from Ayuntamiento de

Rodeiro (Spain), 23 participants from Jugend-& Kulturprojekt EV (Germany), 31

participants from Moving Europe (Italy), 20 participants from Amata municipality (Latvia)

and 36 participants from Pro Kalondiensis Zdruzenie (Slovakia).

Location/ Dates: The event of Town Twinning took place in Oleśnica (Poland) from

23/08/2019 to 29/08/2019

Short description:

Event 1 have been carried out within this project:

Day I - 23/08/2019

was dedicated to Arrival of foreign delegation and first contact

Afternoon: Arrivals of Foreign delegations and welcoming by the citizens and representative

of GOK Oleśnica and Oleśnica Municipality

h 20:00 a typical Polish Welcom Dinner

Presentation of participants and organizations in the presence of the Mayor of the Oleśnica

Municipality, representatives of the Oleśnica Municipatilty Council, GOK Oleśnica and

representatives of the local community.

Accomodation and overnight in the hotels in Oleśnica

Day II - 24/08/2019

was dedicated to Visit of the local villages + Seminar + Workshop meeting with young

people press conference

Seminar 9: 00/12: 00 -The future of the European Union and opportunities for young people.

13:00 Intercultural Lunch

Interactive workshop + capacity building

Participation in communal harvest festivals and the festival of folklore music and culinary

traditions - Polish Day

20:00 Intercultural Evening

Day III - 25/08/2019

was dedicated to Interactive Workshop + Round Table


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Morning: 10.00. Workshop "Who will be Europeans of tomorrow". Interaction and

comparison of possible European scenarios following the European Parliament elections in




16.00 Round Table "The European Union, incomplete construction" debate on the process of

building and enlarging Europe.

20.30 Dinner with local families and music show by local folklore groups.

Day IV - 26/08/2019

was dedicated to

Interactive workshop + Capacity building + Visit to Chamber of Memories

Community of Oleśnica in the village of Boguszyce

Morning interactive workshops - Young people and the future of Europe: doubts and

perspectives for the citizens of tomorrow.


13:00 Lunch

Visit to Chamber of Memories Community of Olesnica in the village of Boguszyce

15:00 Capacity building "What are the reasons for euroscepticism?" Motivations behind

Euroscepticism along with an investigation to understand if this is the last political


20:00 Dinner with local families and tradition

Day V - 27/08/2019

was dedicated to the Ceremony of Twinning Seminary and Signature of the Town

Twinning Oath + Round Table

The Brotherhood Oath signing ceremony, which establishes the brotherhood relationship

between the municipalities involved. Presentation of the priorities of the European Program

for Citizens.

Signature of the Brotherhood Oath and presentation of the anthems of the represented


Round table on the theme "Our Europe, our future". Solutions and suggestions to meet the


Day VI - 28/08/2019

was dedicated to Discussion + Workshop Panel

10:00 Discussion and comparison "The future of Europe and the hopes of the Erasmus

generation", Mobility opportunities for young people, forcing themselves to train and travel

around Europe

13:00 lunch

16:00 Workshop Panel "Overcoming Euroscepticism by European Europe"

Analysis of civic challenges in the EU between political participation and institutional


20:00 Dinner

Day VII 29/08/2019

was dedicated to Brainstorming + Partnership guidelines + Departure of project

partner delegations

Plenary debate on partnership guidelines:

- Strategic lines to be considered

- Proposals that can be implemented, ensuring continuity

- Creating a network




Magyar Kormány
Ministerstvo Kulturz